27.180 more students got their tablets in Kocaeli.

27.180 more students got their tablets in Kocaeli.

To remove the obstacles in front of the education system in Turkey and national technological capability in the field of education started to be used effectively within "One to One Learning" project  we have developed a total of 27 109 mobile tablet "Mobile Device Management Software" is used at the end of the sixth year.

Within "One to One Learning" project that was started 7 years ago by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, tablet computers were distributed to 27 thousand 180 students studying in 6th grade. With the tablet distribution ceremony that was held in Izmit Atatürk Sports Hall, a total of 189 thousand 761 students was distributed tablet computers by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in 7 years. Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, parliamentarians, governors, representatives of civil society organizations and students who will get tablet computers attended with their families to the ceremony that tablet computers were distributed.

President Karaosmanoğlu, "We see this as tomorrow's great for our children. Tomorrow's a much bigger city mayor, governor, governor, prosecutor, judge, engineer this is our young people.This is going to our young people come and develop the knowledge that we have secured. The most important investment we make is our investment in the education of our children. We love our kids, and turning that love us their way, we have to show prepares to life. These tablets will help the children to learn in the easiest way. "he said.

Source: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/kocaeli-de-27-bin-180-ogrenci-daha-tabletlerine-kocaeli-yerelhaber-1212259/

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