Agriculture Sector Integrated Management Information System Meeting

Agriculture Sector Integrated Management Information System Meeting

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker, "Turkey's if you go to any store in any city with a label to be placed on top of there product's casing that used the chemical fertilizer plot, how the drug used, something else used does not used does it all consumers will be able to follow. "he said.
    In addition, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also attended, 'Integrated Management Information System for the Agricultural Sector Information Meeting, agriculture casual glance instead they approached it with a strategic perspective, Eker told us they had 15 laws in this area.
    Both consumers and producers of the system as well as additional Pointing to the great benefit of the public, said:
    “Any plots to be used in fertilizer, chemical fertilizer used the drug to be used, it can be seen immediately in the central records to be processed through the parcel identification number. Or any of the products produced in the parcel when any store to go in any provinces of Turkey there with a label to be placed on the product casing that used the chemical fertilizer plot, how the drug used, is another thing used used me to be able to follow it all the consumers. That also brings great benefits and convenience for the producer to the consumer. The process for producers will no longer have to come to the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture. the system will check all applications over the Internet instantly and 42 if the extension is associated with a separate database changes to be reflected instantly to all. For example, if a farmer is selling the parcel of land that instantly changed hands sold the parcel of land that can be seen in all infrastructure systems. Here, too, producers, consumers and the public will be in favor of the many great benefits.”
    Agriculture Integrated Management Information System is recorded in every area of Turkish agriculture, which held the data, an integrated system and the results have been observed which made reporting upgrade. In order to bring a lasting solution to the issue of agricultural statistics with the project, leaving aside seasonal forecasts of continuous and real-time data collection, aimed at the establishment of an information system that collects data continuously improve their service.
    Konya are the business end of the meeting Winder live link established with farmers from the village of Sarıcalar Ahmed Küçükbezci ground, Introduction to the system of the animal and the machine was being carried out. Also, by establishing a live connection with the Agricultural Monitoring Station located in Izmir, told the functioning of the system.


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