The world's first smart campus is from Hacettepe!

The world's first smart campus is from Hacettepe!

Hacettepe Technopolis has had the world's first Smart Campus project to life. This important project will be presented for the first time ICSG.

The importance of Technopolis created within universities is increasing with each passing day. Recently, the project was put forward at Hacettepe Technopolis and a pioneer in the world in terms of having the world's first Smart Campus project to life.

Building with the system also clears itself. Even clean water, sewage water that separates even watering can be obtained. This is an important project for the first time ICSG 4th International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities, will be introduced in the Congress and Exhibition...

All parking areas with the project scheduled to end in the month of June 2016 will become completely energy storage. All electrical tools and electrical equipment here will recharge faster. Also they will be controlled from a single center.

This energy will be provided to illuminate the entire circumference of the fulfillment of all the functions of the building. air control systems in all buildings, air conditioning systems and all systems from one central control by ensuring equal distribution will be everywhere.


Hacettepe Technopolis CEO Abdurrahman Gungor: "Consultants employs over 100 people with professors and students available for this project. There are also examples abroad, but nuclear energy is used instead of solar energy. We're also consulting with the University of Bahrain this project. We equips all campuses with solar energy. We attribute this system we call passive building a building, that building is creating its own energy and your own cleaning his own waste. Yaklaşık1.20 cm wall thickness. Parsing solid waste liquid waste separately. Even a sewage system that we can provide irrigation water that separates clean water. In terms of security control of the vehicles entering the vehicle identification systems, we present a method that shows everything in the bottom of the car also has to recognize the facial recognition systems. ICSG 4 will be held in the Golden Horn is very important for the International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Expo us. We will launch our first time here, literally. More than 50 countries are participating to ICSG. In this way, we will be an example to the whole world, "he said.

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