Smart Agriculture Solutions


In end-to-end processes of plant and animal production, agriculture is transformed to «Precision Agriculture» with the produced technologies.


» Smart Sensor Based Station Systems

» Mobile / Web Based Farming Monitoring and Management Software

» Smart Irrigation Systems

» Livestock Management System

» Command Control and Decision Support System





Smart Sensor Based Station Systems

The objectives of the system; bring plants, water, soil and animals together with informatics, recording of meteorological factors affecting agricultural production, establishing an inventory of agricultural production, conducting instant monitoring and analysis in order to direct the production, reporting of data to decision-makers for the establishment of agricultural policies, making the country agricultural policies manageable and sustainable is introduced.

Station operating system consists of some kind of computers and software that acquires the data periodically from digitizers connected to sensors and image acquisition systems, can be remotely managed, allows management of internal and external peripheral units, provides energy management and remotely updateable. Provides information about the conditions of the cultivated product by transmitting the data from the intelligent sensors located on the center at the time periods determined by the center. These data are interpreted with central applications, agricultural warning, drought, yield, disease, activity management,  rop status, phenological phase transition information such as information is provided.

Station system parameters;

» 2m Moisture

» 2m Temperature

» Leaf Wetness

» Leaf Temperature

» Rainfall

» Precipitation Speed

» Solar Radiation

» UltraViolet

» Wind Speed

» Wind Direction

» » Dew

» » Cabin Moisture

» » Cabin Temperature

» » 15cm Soil Moisture

» » 45cm Soil Moisture

» » 5cm Above Ground Temperature

» » 15cm Ground Temperature

» » 45cm Ground Temperature

» » ET0 (Evapotranspiration)

Station System software;

» Plant Meteorological Data Collection System

» Field Monitoring System

» Field Photo Archive System

» Instant Weather Forecast Systems

» Agricultural Early Warning System

» Irrigation system can be integrated

» Phenological Phase Tracking System

» Mobile Services and Mobile Software



Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart Irrigation System manages the irrigation devices automatically by calculating irrigation needs of the plants using rainfall, sun, ET0, drought data acquired from stations.

System can manage multiple devices from center. This system, which is working with RFID and NBIOT technologies, ensures that the plant receives the right irrigation, keeping the soil watering correctly and ensuring the proper use of water resources by keeping the irrigation needs at the optimum level.
» Increasing yield in crop production
» Automatic control of irrigation systems and remote management
» Saving water resources
» Irrigation is provided according to the water needs of the plant





Livestock Management System

It is aimed to increase the production of animal products and the amount of product taken from the unit animal. Management of national animal inventory, planning the animal production, monitoring the life cycle from production to consumption through Information Systems, monitoring the veterinary medicinal products, unit based instantaneous cost analysis and «Precise Agricultural Technologies» are supported.



» Animal Registration and Identity Management System

» Mobile Based Earring Tracking System

» Animal Health Inspection System (Veterinary)


Agricultural Decision Support System

The goals of the System;
» Instant monitoring of data from sensors on Stations, Combine harvesters, Tractors
» Field activities and gathering data from the farmer in a single center
» Creation of a data fusion system by combining all system data at the same time
» Production estimations and creation of planting proposals
Stages of the System;
» Demand (Field / Bureau)
» Data collecting
» Data Compilation
» Data Presentation



Mobile / Web Based Agricultural Monitoring and Management Software

By combining the data collected by the agricultural meteorological station and the activity data on the field, it is aimed to harvest the crop on the field in the most efficient way.

» Field Management,

» Station Management,

» Field Sowing Monitoring,

» Field Activity Management,

» Warehouse Management

» Agricultural early warning system

» Equipment Management,

» Plant Catalog,

» Phenological Stage Follow-up

» Irrigation system management



7/24 real-time monitoring and management

 Agricultural Early Warning Systems

Precise agricultural technologies

 Supports smart cities platforms
  Supporting Industry 4.0 in agricultural area    Reporting and Decision Support System
  NB-IoT, 4.5G, Wi-Fi, LoRa, RFID Communication    SMS and email notification


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