Smart Ambulance Solutions


Countries with ambulance and emergency services network solutions to human health problems, but especially in big cities, the population is growing rapidly. This is why cases are increasing and traffic-hospital density is causing great time losses. That causes to the death of many people. Smart Ambulance Solutions aims to solve these problems by suggesting right hospital selection for ambulances, reaching the cases as soon as possible, helps patients to be treated in right hospitals (which have right tools to help the patient).
Akıllı Ambulans Çözümleri


On map module ambulances, cases and hospitals shown on map on realtime basis. Cases are created by searching the address or clicking on the map. According to the traffic density, the nearest and available ambulance is directed to the case. This can also be selected manually at the operator's discretion.


Shared EKG reports shown on expert apps. The expert that accepts EKG report first will start realtime messaging with that ambulance staff. EKG chat history is logged that could be read later.
Akıllı Ambulans Çözümleri
Akıllı Ambulans Çözümleri


Location histories of the cases are displayed on the map. The status of the cases can be displayed in the list, but also displayed on the map. The forms belonging to the cases are listed and the form details are displayed in a ready-to-print format. The cases are shown on a timeline graph by their types.


Cases are redirected to ambulances via Web App. Users can reach the case or hospitals with the navigation app easily. Case forms are filled digitally. Ambulance staff could use realtime messaging about patients EKG with experts via EKG report sharing. Panic Button helps ambulance staff to warn headquarters about any unexpected situation.
Akıllı Ambulans Çözümleri
Akıllı Ambulans Çözümleri


A road map is drawn with all the locations where the ambulance goes and the cases that are gone are displayed. The positions are taken manually, as well as automati-cally based on ambulance status changes for comparative control. Availability of ambulances is displayed. In the absence of an appropriate ambulance, the case is queued and directed to the first available ambulance. Seizure start and end times of ambulance personnel can be logged. Users report the distribution of ambulances in the system by displaying the distribution


Fast routing to the scene
Seizure Control
Live communication with doctors
Digital Ambulance Registration Form
Navigation via map
Ambulance and Case Location Logging

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